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About Us

Founded by Hayley Attridge, Blue opened its doors in Saffron Walden in 2011. With no prior retail experience but a keen passion for fashion, Hayley set about curating a shop that showcases chic fashion from independent British and European designers. 

Flash forward 8 years and Blue is now a firm favourite amongst stylish women, not only for their fashion-forward brands but the wonderful service and experience delivered within the shop. The much-loved store at No. 32 Kings Street, Saffron Walden, Essex continues to provide fine pieces from European designers such Shoe The Bear (the shoe designer of the moment), classic chic French fashion from Des Petit Hauts, beautifully made clothes by Set - Germany, cult perfumers Laboratory Perfumes and the gorgeous and affordable Dixie range from Italy. 

The Blue team adore fashion and finding the right pieces for their customers. “I adore the process of finding up and coming labels and sourcing new styles,” says Hayley. "I love the buying process. I often look at pieces when I am buying from designers and know exactly what the customers will like".  

As always, Hayley's task is to showcase the easy to wear timeless pieces in a warm relaxed atmosphere, and to simplify and hopefully fulfil your shopping needs. Hayley and her team deliver this time and time again, which is why Blue Saffron Walden has established itself as one of 'the' destinations to go to when visiting Saffron Walden.